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An Orc follows to the death.
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I am a mediocre, learning artist who mostly used to draw with pencil, and is trying to learn tablet little by little.

This Deviant Art account is a collection of my game screencaps and my little handful of Skyrim art.

So far the gallery has folders on my Skyrim drawings, screenshots of my Skyrim dragonborns and Skyrim's NPCs, and screenshots of my Soul Calibur IV characters.

I like a lot of Skyrim's characters and make screencaps of followers and NPCs who will stand still long enough for a snapshot.
I like orcs in Skyrim a lot and most of my Skyrim character snapshots are of them.

I am not much into most of Soul Calibur IV's default characters (I'm just not much of a anime lover type person), but I have a lot of fun making my own warriors using its character builder.

I mostly put my snapshots in scraps because I am afraid people will take them down saying they are not art, and because a lot of the pics are blurry and/or have bad lighting. I try to take good shots, but all too often they turn out blurry.

Orcs need love stamp by purgatori Skyrim Addict stamp by Chrysalislover Mohawk Stamp by BritishMuffin

------------------------ My Elder Scrolls stamps: --------------------------------
College of Winterhold stamp by swept-wing-racer Borgakh stamp by swept-wing-racer Moth gro Bagol stamp by swept-wing-racer IONA-stamp by swept-wing-racer Ghorbash stamp by swept-wing-racer

Orc Stamp by CrimsonArk Skyrim: Khajiit by Tae-Rai Khajiit-stamp by hitodama89 Skyrim Khajiit Stamp by WeirdHyena Argonian Stamp by THODRAGONFIRE Skyrim: Argonains by Tae-Rai Dunmer Stamp by THODRAGONFIRE Skyrim: Dunmer by Tae-Rai Skyrim: Altmer by Tae-Rai Skyrim: Bosmer by Tae-Rai Bosmer stamp by Amneco Wood Elf Stamp by CrimsonArk Imperial Stamp by THODRAGONFIRE Skyrim: Imperial by Tae-Rai Breton Stamp by CrimsonArk Skyrim: Breton by Tae-Rai Nord Stamp by THODRAGONFIRE Redguard group avatar by swept-wing-racer
Skyrim Stamp 2 by Naomz Alduin stamp by Chrysalislover Alduin Stamp by AuriV1 Paarthurnax Stamp by AuriV1 Odahviing Stamp by AuriV1 Odahviing Stamp by MorgantheKeaton Durnehviir Stamp by AuriV1 Mirmulnir Stamp by MorgantheKeaton Vulthuryol Stamp by MorgantheKeaton Miraak Stamp by TRADT-PRODUCTION
Erik STAMP by AirieFeristo Kharjo Stamp by TheYUO J'zargo Stamp by TheYUO Derkeethus Stamp by TheYUO Scouts-Many-Marshes Stamp by TheYUO TESV Sinding stamp by CharlesVane Ulfric Stamp by Bansheeda Lydia FTW by Tsaalyo :thumb302825434: TESV Vilkas Stamp by CharlesVane Skyrim Farkas Stamp by WeirdHyena Vilkas Fan by AskNazir Farkas Fan by AskNazir Aela Fan by AskNazir Skjor Fan by AskNazir Kodlak Fan by AskNazir Ria Fan by AskNazir Njada Fan by AskNazir Athis Fan by AskNazir Torvar Fan by AskNazir M'aiq stamp by THODRAGONFIRE I'm busy doing the Fishstick Stamp by OrigamiNinja41 Brynjolf Stamp by Isriana Vex Stamp by Isriana Nightingale Stamp thing by aberiddia Dark Brotherhood - Shadowmere Stamp by VirulentRequiem Cicero Stamp by TheYUO Dark Brotherhood - Cicero Stamp by VirulentRequiem Dark Brotherhood - Lucien Stamp by VirulentRequiem Veezara Stamp by TheYUO Dark Brotherhood - Veezara Stamp by VirulentRequiem Dark Brotherhood - Nazir Stamp by VirulentRequiem Dark Brotherhood - Gabriella Stamp by VirulentRequiem Trust in Heimskr Stamp by OrigamiNinja41
Skyrim Stamp: Imperial Legion by CapraScriba Stormcloaks stamp by greedofan Skyrim Horse stamp by Seeraphine

No Lollygagging Stamp by OrigamiNinja41

My Elder scrolls group: TES-Redguards Redguard group avatar by swept-wing-racer A group on the redguard race from the Elder Scrolls.

My redguard dragonborn Bugeed and Borgakh drawn by DarkA117:
Hug under the Gildergreen by LaDarkA117

My Skyrim drawings:
Ugor The Orc portrait shaded by swept-wing-racer Borgakh the Steel Heart steel armor crossarms by swept-wing-racer Borgakh Turn c by swept-wing-racer Redguard dovahkiin color n shade by swept-wing-racer Borgakh the Steel Heart steel armor v2 by swept-wing-racer Borgakh portrait c by swept-wing-racer Borgakh -orcish armor color by swept-wing-racer Ugor watching by swept-wing-racer Ghorbash portrait by swept-wing-racer Ogol drawing by swept-wing-racer Borgakh wield tablet practice by swept-wing-racer orc in scaled armor by swept-wing-racer orsimer steel plate armor by swept-wing-racer

Some of my Skyrim camera caps, because I play on XBox360:
Ghorbash thieves guild armor by swept-wing-racer Redguard steel armor by swept-wing-racer Borgakh orcish by swept-wing-racer Archmage at Mor Khazgur by swept-wing-racer Chief Burguk chat by swept-wing-racer chars by swept-wing-racer Ancano face 2 by swept-wing-racer Faralda Hall of Elements by swept-wing-racer Savos Aren studying by swept-wing-racer Tolfdir and Faendal by swept-wing-racer Urag gro Shub at desk by swept-wing-racer The Caller by swept-wing-racer Sulla Trebatius by swept-wing-racer Onmund by swept-wing-racer J'zargo by swept-wing-racer Golldir argry face by swept-wing-racer adept mage orc and dremora by swept-wing-racer tweaky by swept-wing-racer funny look by swept-wing-racer orsimer c by swept-wing-racer Orc n wolf head by swept-wing-racer Borgakh n Ancano by swept-wing-racer Estormo by swept-wing-racer Athis trail by swept-wing-racer mohawk by swept-wing-racer redguard in orcish armor by swept-wing-racer breton f by swept-wing-racernord in robes by swept-wing-racer orc in blue clothes by swept-wing-racer breton robed by swept-wing-racer

Some of my Soul Calibur characters:
SCIV Sirro by swept-wing-racer Jess scenes by swept-wing-racer Chansi10 by swept-wing-racer Sirrel5 by swept-wing-racer Gordafarid7 by swept-wing-racer Rostam2 by swept-wing-racer Sirrel stand by swept-wing-racer Gordafarid stance by swept-wing-racer Jay stance by swept-wing-racer Chansi stance by swept-wing-racer

Some interesting artwork groups etc I've found on Deviant Art.....  I am working on this list... it's not very complete:

#Elder-Scrolls-Orcs  elder-scrolls-orcs.deviantart.… A Skyrim and Elder Scrolls series orcs group.

#TaleOfSoulsAndSwords taleofsoulsandswords.deviantar… A Soul Calibur character creation group.

#True-Armored-Wommen true-armored-wommen.deviantart… Amazon and warrior women art that is not all that bikini warrior stuff.

~TheGreatWukong Barbarian warrior photos, some have nudity so beware.

*IngwellRitter-Stock ingwellritter-stock.deviantart… Nice historic re-enactment and historic architecture stocks
About a week ago, I was having fun making some Skyrim characters and leveling them. But that was ended becasuse my XBOX360 seems to be dying and crashing and doing the red ring of death (the lights by the on button should be green).

So my playing Skyrim is ended, and now I started working on some more art. Skyrim art. Basically I am doing more practicing trying to learn how to use my tablet and digitally draw and paint. Months ago I was totally new to it, and my drawings looked pretty crummy. Like this:..…

Yesterday and today I spent maybe 12 hour working on a drawing of an orc:… It is just done by using reference of my old screen caps of my game play taking pics of characters I like. That's all I do for now, so I can have shading to reference to. I think I am learning more. I still have my own drawing crazy technique that might be all wrong.

I still miss playing Skyrim. But now I think I will try to work on more of these drawing projects.

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